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AFF / R-AFF Exit Exam Practice Question Answer Part - 1


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1. What is the first thing you should do in the case of a fire if you cannot reach a fire extinguisher?.

2. Princilpal of fire fighting onboard is?

3. What do we call the temperature at which a material produces enough flammable vapour for it to flash if exposed to an ignition source?.

4. While inhaling if carbon monoxide is present in the air. CO will mix with blood first?

5. Emergency escape hatch is used to assess and to escape during fire fighting?

6. Each sprinkler head must be capable of delivering water at a rate of 8litre/minutes ?

7. A serious fire has been isolated in the engine room you would?

8. If a cream coloured band is located over the fire extinguisher it indicates that the fire extinguisher is which of the following

9. In the event of a fire the doors to a stair tower must be closed to prevent the spread of fire by

10. The ship is divided into many main vertical and horizontal zone by the thermal and structure boundary?

11. Fire of carbonaceous substance is fire which class?

12. In the given below list, which gas has the widest flammable range?

13. Which one is not chemical energy?

14. As per ISO, fires involving fats such as used deep fried fats is Classed as

15. What is the low expansion foam ratio?

16. Which fixed fire fighting system is used in gas carriers for cargo fire :

17. If it is a dangerous cargo container which code is to be referred to for fire fighting :

18. Which of the following is NOT required to be part of a vessels fire control plan:

19. The deep frier oil maybe over heated because of:

20. On a vessels fire control plan, all parts of the fire mains are liste EXCEPT:

21. What is the major fire hazard found in accommodation_ _ _ _ _

22. A fixed carbon dioxide extinguishing system for a machinery space, designated with a stop valve installed in the line leading to the protected space,is actuated with :

23. Fusible link fire dampers are operated by_ _ _ _ _ _ _

24. Immediately after extinguishing a fire with CO2, it is advisable to_ _ _ _ _

25. Fire dampers prevent the fire spreading through the process of _ _ _ _ _

26. During cargo operations, a deck fire has occurred due to a leaking cargo line. You should FIRST_ _ _

27. Actuating the fixed CO2 system should cause the automatic shutdown the _ _ _ .

28. The control panel of a fire detection system must have all of the following Except_ _ .

29. The urgent priority should be used for messages _ _ .

30. As a fire fighting medium, CO2 can be dangerous under certain conditions as it can cause_ _ _.

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