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General Arrangement Plan

What is G. A. Plan ?

A copy of general arrangement plan is always displayed in conspicuous locations accessible and frequented by the ship’s crew. G. A. Plan showing the side profile, mid-ship section and Arial view of decks on board a ship. 

The general arrangement plan will Familiarise the person on board with the Following information:

1. Number of Hatches and cargo compartments on the ship. 

2. Location of double bottom tanks, topside tanks, peak tanks, Cofferdams etc., 

3. Number and location of fuel oil tanks. 

4. Location of various decks, engine room, saloon and all other store rooms etc. 

5. Salient features of lift gear. 

6. Location of emergency steering gear, generator, fire pump etc. 

7. Location of Crew and Master’s accommodation. 

8. Location of Bridge, chart room, monkey island etc. 

9. lifting gear, deck machinery, gangway etc location. 

10. General Arrangement plan also have a below particulars : 

• Length overall, Breadth (MLD), Depth (MLD), Draft, Deadweight 

• Gross tonnage and Net tonnage. 

• Freeboard type

• Date of keel, Keel plate thickness

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