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CIRM (The International Radio Medical Center)

CIRM - Centro Internazionale Radio Medico

The purpose of CIRM , giving radio medical advice to ship on any nationality navigating on all sea of the world. CIRM can also coordinate wherever possible, the evacuation of a patient from a vessel, co-operating mainly with National Marine Rescue Coordination Centers (MRCC) and if required with other rescue organization. The International Radio Medical Center's headquarters in Rome.

           When requesting radio medical assistance vessel should communicate the following information:-

For the Vessel-

Vessels name and MMSI/CallSign.
Present Position, Port of Departure and ETA at destination.
Medical Chest available on board.

For the Patient-

Date of Birth, Rank and Nationality.
Body Temperature, Blood pressure, pulse and respiratory rates.
Patient symptoms, Injury or pain location, other medical problems or allergies.
In case of accident, where and how the accident took place.
Any treatment provided to the patient.


If possible do not give any medicine before consulting CIRM.
CIRM follows the patient's progress until his recovery.

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