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Standard Procedure of Correcting a Chart

What is the standard procedure for correcting a chart?

1) On receipt of weekly notice to mariners, see the index of charts affected that is given in Section 2 of WNM and enter the notice number of the affected chart in the correction log.

2) Turn to the end of section 2, to see if any T & P notices have been published or cancelled out and make the corresponding entry about the same in the correction log

3) Correct the voyage charts first and thereafter all other remaining charts

4) Take out the chart, check for any previous correction that has been done and see whether the notice number of present correction is in conjunction with the previous update.

5) If the chart is corrected up to the previous update, continue with the latest update and Mark the permanent change with a pen.

6) Enter the relevant notice number in the bottom left-hand corner of the chart with a pen.

7) Strike that notice number in the chart correction log.

8) Now using the T & P file or section 2 of WNM, correct the chart for T & P but using a pencil

9) Entry shall be made below the line of notices in the bottom left-hand corner with a pencil.

10) Strike in chart correction log.

11) Using a navigational warning file correct the voyage charts.

What is the procedure to correct charts that have not been corrected for the past 2 or 3 years?

1) Check the current edition of the chart.

2) If the latest edition is not available onboard, then request for the new edition.

3) If the latest edition is available onboard, check for the last update made on a chart in the bottom left-hand corner.

4) Now from cumulative notices to mariners, note down all permanent notice numbers that have affected the chart after the last update.

5) Also refer to subsequent WNM to find if any update has been issued since publication of Cumulative notice to mariner.

6) Take out all WNM for which notice number is entered in the correction log.

7) Start correcting chart last to latest.

8) Apply the updates on charts, make an entry in the bottom left-hand corner.

9) Strike in chart correction log.

10) Take out Annual Notice to Marines part 1, to correct the chart for T & P Notices, also refer to WNM subsequent to ANTM for T & P file maintained onboard.

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