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Use of AIS in Collision Avoidance and SAR Operation

Explain the use of AIS in Collision Avoidance and SAR Operations?

AIS helps in Collision avoidance wrt awareness, AIS can calculate the CPA and TCPA which can be compared with ARPA.

• By virtue of AIS, the Vessel can be positively identified.

• AIS can pick up targets even during heavy Wx and restricted visibility, especially during rain.

• AIS can pickup targets beyond small islands and bends.

• Problems of target swap will not be experienced in the case of AIS.

• If reduces the workload associated with the verbal reporting system required by the VTS.

Information regarding navigational status.

• Pseudo AIS can be used to generate targets in the case of SAR Operation.

• AIS can be interfaced with VDR, ECDIS, and RADAR.

• AIS can be used for Navigational & Metrological information.

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