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PV Valve and PV Breaker

Difference between PV Valve & PV Breaker

 • PV valve - Connected On Tank Top Of individual Cargo Tank
PV Breaker Connected To Main Inert Gas line 1 or 2

• PV Valve Mechanical type
PV Breaker Gravity type (Liquid)

• PV Valve PRESSURE +1400mm AQ , Vacuum -300mm AQ
PV Breaker  Pressure +2100mm A Q , Vacuum -700mm AQ

• PV Valve primary means of protection 
PV Breaker secondary means of protection

• PV valve requires regular maintenance
PV Breaker less maintenance

• PV valve fixed set point
PV Breaker set point can be altered (increased or decreased)

• PV Valve check lifts available manually to check the operational condition. 
PV Breaker water level gauge available to check the pressure. 

• PV Valve can fail. 
PV Breaker 100% reliable

• PV Valve no extra precautions for cold climate
PV Breaker anti-freeze liquid needs to be added in cold climate

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